a couple of things that needed documenting:

1. as u can see, i’ve changed the url of my blog. haha quite an ironic reason seeing as how having a blog should mean  i’m comfortable with things being public, but when i realized people came upon my blog after googling my name i got a bit freaked out heh. i don’t quite fancy people i don’t personally know associating my name with the random nonsense i come up with here. HAHA which reminds me of our first professionalism lecture we had in sheffield. albeit a prank, it was a very relatable and scary one:
so basically these two people who claimed to be with the BMA came in, and started projecting random facebook profiles on the screen. my first thoughts: OMFG i hope i dont have any inappropriate pictures; but then i saw pictures coming up and realizing mine came nowhere close to inappropriate as theirs did LOLOL. ended with them calling the names of people with inappropriate pictures (smoking weed, participating in riots dafug, naked pictures), saying the privacy of facebook doesn’t apply when people are adamant on digging through our pictures. a prank nevertheless, but still a good enough prank to warrant immediate spring-cleaning of our facebooks.

2. one of the tweets i sent to thestar rage got published without me being aware of it until i got pictures of it from my brothers. to be honest i thought it was quite unprofessional of them to publish it without getting our consent; nevermind that it’s already ‘public’ on twitter. because its a completely different feeling when seeing ur name come up in the newspaper dafug. haha immediately changed my twitter name as well because i don’t want it displaying my full name like that /paranoid.


haha that’s what i said, and i might be only a first year student who is still excited about the novelty of learning medicine, but i genuinely believe going into medicine should be a PERSONAL choice. people complaining about how their friends are moving up career ladders when they just graduated; it’s nonsense! pls if it’s a personal choice to get into medschool weren’t they already aware that medschool takes longer so inevitably friends in different courses would’ve graduated earlier AND be moving up career ladders? also dafug at complaints about low pay. again, getting into medschool should’ve came with the knowledge that the cost of medschool > starting pay of being a doctor. complaints like sleep loss etc i can comprehend, but ridiculous ignorant ones like those make me think it wasn’t a personal choice to start medschool.

3. random food picture to illustrate that as busy as i get during exams, i still cook and eat healthily!


rosemary and garlic roasted pork with mash potatoes!


heheheee <3"

HAHA if he sees this, he will kill me for sneakily taking the pictures and then editing it into some kawaii-wannabe photo. but oh well, i don’t know if it’s love-goggles, but i still find him so handsome after all these years together <3

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